CrossFit Advantage Testimonial – Kim B.

Kim explains how she made the transition from her local YMCA to CrossFit Advantage, and all the benefits that came with that. Not only was she compelled to workout more often and more thoroughly, she also formed incredible relationships and a newfound mental toughness.

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CrossFit Advantage Testimonial – Fox

Fox first began CrossFit while serving in the U.S. Military, stationed in Germany. He has traveled the world but found his “home” at CrossFit Advantage. At first, Fox just wanted to stay in shape. But now he continues to set new goals for himself and work toward new achievements.

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CrossFit Advantage Testimonial – Milly R.

Milly has a heart for children and works with special educational programs. During her time at CrossFit Advantage, Milly has found the energy necessary to keep up with the youngsters, along with a level of mental toughness she never imagined. Milly had tried all kinds of sports in the past but really found her passion in weightlifting.

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